Sunday, September 28, 2014

boot dillemma

I need a new pair of heeled boots, and i want them to be usable day to day, and at night. So i need that dressy quality as well. I have narrowed it down to a couple- and obviously most of them are from Office

1- Mercy Chelsea-    2. Grace Nubuck Chelsea- Vagabond   3. Camden Chunky -     4.  ASOS Royal Chelsea- 

The ASOS ones are the cheapest option, but maybe a bit too short? Having said that they would be way more comfortable in day to day wear to campus etc. I may order them and see how they turn out, as i still have to get my uniform shoes from Office by the 8th of October!

Layered and Long jewelery

This is the year of 21st Birthday present giving....which means i am haemorrhaging money every month. But 21st's are special, and especially for my housemates this year (were actually all turning 22 now) its our last year together. I came across Layered and Long on when looking for a present for my Aunt. They specialise in beautiful personalised delicate necklaces, which you can buy in a set to create a layered effect.  -

This is the set we got for Lucy: We chose to engrave her birthday in roman numerals to make it a little bit more unique.

I think they are stunning, and am so jealous i don't have a set for myself! The great part about the website is you can really personalise anything- the bead colour, the length, the stamps, the shape! I also ordered a bracelet for my housemate, which is silver with a turquoise bead with the engraving - E K H B - the initials of our house! (bit vommy)

Here are some examples given from the website:

Tuesday, September 23, 2014

new house!

Just a quick picture of my new room in Exeter. I have filled it with tonnes of items that remind me of Malaysia and my travels- my dangly elephants, my bed sheets, my bali silk pillows and my handmade dream catcher.


Distressed- in a room it immediately creates that aged, rugged look. Using a washed natural colour tone adds a rustic edge, creating what seems to me like a country barn sort of effect. An extremely calming atmosphere to live in- stripped back to basics.

A trend recurring throughout these images is the use of wood as a statement - from the structural elements of the building, or through floorboards or pieces of furniture. It really gives it that scandi charm offset against white or greywash


Monday, September 22, 2014

Bali Stylin'

Just a couple of my favourite pictures from me and my boyfriends trip to Bali and Nusa Lembongan 2 weeks ago!

hanging plants

I really like the idea of bringing the outdoors, indoors. Hanging baskets in a garden or on the outside of a house are beautiful, but more and more i have seen on design websites that they can so easily be used inside the home. Whether its in the kitchen and used as a herb garden display, or in the living room to add a bit of greenery and nature. It looks great and is quite a fun quirky way to bring that essential bit of greenery or plants into a room. Here are some examples i have come across, using different materials creating very different styles and effects.

The beads and rope create a more earthy and outdoorsy effect, again bringing the outdoors inside. It is very urban and bohemian.

The use of a metal geometric structure as a hanger is more modern and minimalist style. Using desert plants or cactus as a plant gives a very clean and minimal effect as an interior- rather than wild and tropical.

And finally, the upside down pots are such a fun little twist on the hanging pot. Its quirky and attracts a lot of attention. They almost look like lamp shades that have been over-taken by wild plants.